The  “Build The Track!” movement has existed since 2004 and in only three words represents the longstanding goal to develop a true multi-venue motorsports facility after the closure of Hawaii Raceway Park in April 2006.

The phrase became the basis for the former Oahu Motorsports Advisory Council, a motorsports advisory group created from the remnants of the former event promoters and leadership of Hawaii Raceway park and chaired by Michael Kitchens. After its dissolution, Kitchens continued to promote the concept.

Over a span of seventeen years, multiple large-scale shows, meetings with political figures, cruises, petitions, events and media releases dedicated to building a track have been managed and promoted by Michael with help from his fellow enthusiasts, friends and family. 

Michael has committed countless hours and thousands of dollars of his own money to promote the need for a new facility. For these reasons, he is well known throughout the automotive community as a tireless advocate for the return of motorsports to the island of Oahu.

During this time, Michael has always considered himself a “cog in the machine”.

Just one component doing its best to make the movement happen while helping other companies and developers to try and build a motorsports facility. 

Eventually, due to his years of advocacy, an opportunity presented itself to become something more.  After two years of hard work and due diligence, in July 2019, he acquired an agreement to a large, privately owned parcel of suitable land located in Campbell Industrial Park thanks to the vested interest in the community by Par Hawaii, Inc.

Officially, BTT, LLC (now BTT, Inc.) was formed in late 2018 to acquire the target property, and Michael has brought in well-established global firms and individual experts across the fields of planning, engineering, architecture and technology to work on the design and development of Circuit Hawaii, an FIA Grade 3 international motorsports and high-end leisure facility.

As a former United States Air Force veteran, Michael fundamentally believes in the ethics of “Integrity first; Service before self; Excellence in all we do”. These core values are integral to BTT, and are the standards that we have set ourselves in creating Circuit Hawaii.


Under the banner of BTT, Inc., a group of long-time racing enthusiasts have joined together with Michael to bring Circuit Hawaii to life. Overall, these volunteers are dedicated to the construction of a new home for motorsports on Oahu.  Each also has an extensive background and decades of experience relative to the motorsports field and community.

Some members of the team have years of experience in the development, construction, and operation of various facilities while others are well-versed in business law, project management, engineering and architectural design. 

Combined, they bring a considerable amount of knowledge and expertise that will be vital to the development and construction of Circuit Hawaii.

More recently we have signed inaugural strategic partnerships with three world-leading sustainability technology organizations who will play a key role in putting Circuit Hawaii on the map as an example of best practice in the space.

Together with these advisers, BTT, Inc. is working with well established companies such as Driven InternationalHHF PlannersYDNY, and Coffman Engineers,  to design and develop Circuit Hawaii.

BTT, Inc. is committed to regular and ongoing local stakeholder engagement and consultation on the development of Circuit Hawaii to ensure that it maximizes the significant positive economic regeneration and social impact benefits for the State: the community is a critical, integral part of our journey.


The motorsports community has waited 15 years for this moment. The time is now. We welcome you to join us on this new and exciting journey! Visit for more direct updates on the facility’s development!


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