The photos and videos above do not represent the final design and are purely conceptual in nature.

There is no motorsports facility on the island of Oahu…where just under one million people call home in Hawaii. This has resulted in a stagnation of the motorsports industry with no suitable location for holding events. The many opportunities that such a facility offers are lost for the community to include family bonding, peer mentoring, driving education and training. The absence of a circuit has directly affected our economy, causing local mom and pop auto stores to shutter while negatively affecting the commercial, tourism, service and food industries.

BTT, Inc. intends to create a new motorsports industry here in Hawaii and is currently developing an international multi-venue motorsports facility (aka Circuit Hawaii) for the community of Oahu, the State of Hawaii and the world. This facility will offer opportunities for racing, entertainment, education, training, and youth mentoring that will provide economic stimulus for multiple industries while improving the safety of our roads by moving illegal racing activities to a legal racing venue.

We invite you to learn more about BTT, Inc. and its history as we work towards our goal of providing Hawaii with a world class circuit and a home for our motorsports communities.

In the future, the latest information and updates on Circuit Hawaii will be available at the official website:

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